My credo for the hut

8 februari 2020

These journey in Ethiopia seems to crystalise my intentions around the hut more. Rather than it already can go in the material layer...

Next intentions ran out my pen this morning...

  • We bring what is in connection with our own power. The hut is originally meant for reading nature, yourself, books, the silence. So when you like that concept... you can easely join us. We don't try to please our current money system or run society but attract people who ...simply wants to be present in the mountains, in the silence, in themselves ...who wants to plant a tree with us ...who wants to write or read a book ...who needs the silence for bring his life in line with himself ... Singles, families, bugettravelers but also small meditations groups are welcome. We are not a hotel rather a family who can give you a room or a tent as sleepingplace. You can eat together with the family wether cook your own meal. Our ambition is to be happy with small things! The family respects the nature and use at less as possible plastic. The food will be natural and from own garden wether as much as possible from local farmers or the local market. The hut is builded in ecological way and for all materials we try to find natural products. We also clean (cloths, dishwashes, house,ourselves) as much as possible with natural products so we dont pollute the water. We ask our costumers also to come with as much as possible natural products for their own use. There will be source water that is drinkable. You cant drop your plastic bottles here. So bring your thermos, wether fill your plastic bottle again. The family has an open welcoming house who finds its power in simply daily things. When we are doing daily activities, there will be a pine up board with 'in the garden', 'to the source',.... so you can find us easely. You can 1. be on a long trekking and see this hut as a mid- station 2. come here and make day trekkings from this spot 3. simply be here and enjoy the nature that surrounds you. A guide is present if you like. You also can order or make a food package for on your trekking. When you arrive you can get a feet washing/massage if you like. A hand healing is an option during your stay too. 10% from your payment will go to 1. Planting trees 2. Making products (oitments, teaherbs,...)that we can give free on people in the community who needs. We believe that nature has a great power and we want to be in interaction and respect with it . The credo in the hut is " we all add something of ourselves on this space and dont use other people to serve us "

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