27 februari 2020

Living on two spots in the world and in two different cultures, Living with my kids and friends in one part of the world and with my boyfriend Ayenew and other friends in another part of the world. Coming 'home' has so different taste than... Yesterday I arrived in Belgium Do you know what ? it will always be part of my life for to say goodbye ! And I will never be common on it! Eventhough the most beautiful part is : wherever I go, there are people that I really love and can embrace!!!! But I have to be honest too... last night I cried ... I missed the physical layer of Ayenew's body, Could only feel it in me... Finally this lullaby helped me last night! https://youtu.be/Jqq0W5lubzs (And the lyrics are soooo true for me and my friend...) Go my dearest My everything, my star If you need to go Follow always your heart So you find what you are looking for Hold tight what you love most It keeps you warm when you are cold Go my dearest My everything, my star Where you need to go You are always safe Because I am thinking of you Dont be afraid of the night At night shines the moonlight The road can be tough Come home When you are ready Go my dearest My everything, my star I am waiting for you

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