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Bijgewerkt op: 4 okt. 2021

'My love for you is so big that you can find it in every circumstance'

(wild Quan Yin)

A journey to Ethiopia with a long preparation vibrates in me. Visions, dreams and inner work lead me to spots where I have 'to be'. This time I feel so strong where I can lay 5 drops of water in 'bigger water' (Awash falls, hotsprings in Wondo Genet/Shashemane, the water in the Chebra Churchura parc, the Sor Wenz fall and the lake on the Wenchi crater). It has a higher meaning and it is a fragment of a huge work that the last 3.9 years filled my life! But every energetic journey wears the challenge : 'In everthing I will recognize the love for my presence.' It is a big learning process to fall in love with yourself. It means most of all that you really want to know yourself and that you do what you feel that you have to do here on earth. Water is such a perfect guide for me at the moment to learn about myself and the planet where I live on. Me and Earth contains a lot of water...

And there is something in the air that gives me tips and hints and sits full of ludic cheers on my path.

How beautiful is it to encounter a book with roads of a woodworm just before departure? (completely hilariously is the fact that one of the books goes about 'cheese'. Cheese with holes though!I repait… there is something in the air:)

The literate , where I was, came with a very logic explanation : 'French books and woodworms are lovers because in the past French people used to use more wood in their books.' It is a good determination that is we can believe easely but it is not the only information that reached me . I heard another voice that said : 'These woodworms go to places where words are waiting on them. They go where words and places feed them.'

These woodworms feel soulmates on my path and they let me see how I have to read a map.

It makes me conscious that animals will make the never ground paths vissible for me during this trip.

It is not the first tip that I got from animals during my preparation time....

I already followed summerclasses with the roes in the forest. Eliphants in my vision spotted the fifth place where I have to be in Ethiopia while I even didn't know that there exist eliphants in Ethiopia! And two days ago circled a hawk above me and took out two small birds into his circles in the air. No coincidence that two ethiopians feel very connected with this journey.

The communication with animals happens spontaniously, instinctively and gives a natural order on all in me!!

All in this journey seems to be foresee by animals...

(PS Don't focus on the written words in this book coz than you will lose your way:)) Simply dive in the shape and the voice of the woodworms! Also your path will become vissible…)

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