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Néala & de weg van het licht

22.50 euro

Taal: Nederlandstalig

Leeftijd : 5-8 jaar


Verschijningsdatum :  26 mei 2019

Uitgeverij : The Kristal Womb

Afmetingen : 20cm*20cm

ISBN 9789463883061

Contactpersoon (Krista Haest)

Wil je het Nederlandstalig boek?


Gelieve een mail te zenden naar en de betaling te zenden naar mijn rekeningnummer BE82 7364 0337 4968 (Iban : Kredbeb)

Het boek wordt  per post verzonden

naar u!

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Bilingual Edition


 ኔአላ እና የብርሃኑ መንገድ

Néala & the path of the light

Language : Amharic/English

Age : 5-8 years


Published : 30 april 2021

Publisher : The Kristal Womb

Size : 20cm*20 cm

ISBN : 9789464332735

Do you want the bilingual edition?

Please send me an e-mail:

This book belongs to a bigger project...

 I really believe that every human being has a lot of light  inside that really to do in life!

It is  only a matter to become awake for our own power.  My personal wake up call took  a long process (and still continue) but it started to get a vissible shape with creating lightcircles in my house  that gave people the space to make it silent in themselves and to meet their inside. It really empowered me for a bigger project : working together with energy of the Great Rift Valley in Ethiopia. For years, I worked their with the energy that was present  on the crack of our planet. And the more I came there, the more I saw how important is is to reach out with this light to the people.


But how to create an open space for this?


A book  with  lot of images was for me a great first gateway!

In 2019 came the Dutch version  and  grace of the profit of that book was a bilingual version possible in 2021! 

The energy from Néala in this childbook can at least help the children and their parents  to believe in their own possibilities . It  makes me incredible happy that I can bring the bilingual version now to families, libraries and a mother-child prisons in Ethiopia! 

Next step for me is to create a foodforest and meeting/readinghut in Ethiopia.  I really want to create a space  where people, plants, animals and stones get space to live in harmony with themselves and others. Permacultureprinciples  and ecologic thoughts, that I want to use, will help us to come closer to each other. 

It is my way to give my energy in the Great Rift Valley  more vissibility!


I know that my dream really to do just like all the dreams on earth!

So i,m going 100 % for it . 

If you want to support my project, you can 

1.Buy a Dutch book! 

2. Help me financially with  the transportcosts of the bilingual version !  Please take contact  via mail than

3. Do a gift for  to build the hut or for to plant a tree for the foodforest. Please take contact via mail jethym@gmail,com


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